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Gerry Nichols

Located at www.gerrynichols.com
Oct 19th, 2008

Gerry Nichols, "Professor Real Estate", wanted a blog whereby she could speak to her students and customers about changes in the real estate market, answer questions, and post whatever she wants. This webiste allows any visitor to ask a question and have her answer it. Questions do not appear until they are intentionally published by the site manager. Both normal blog posts as well as questions may have images included in the posting. Images may be selected from a thumbnail image album or a new image may be uploaded from the same screen and the height/width of the image can be adjusted before an HTML image tag is inserted into the post's text.

Languages/Technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP5, MySQL
Pre-Packaged: None
Novelties: Solace photo uploader.

The visual theme was inspired by the customer's preference of the color green and her admonition that she asks her students to bring newspaper listings that pertain to real estate. The title text was inspired by the site's primary function of educating and answering questions from Mrs. Nichols' customers.