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Project: ASPSA Complete

By Joshua Park
Jun 15th, 2010

A new project will soon be added to our portfolio for the NCSU Academic Support Program for Student Athletes. The organization recently hired us to build a website that has a bit of an unusual twist: each page has the potential to be viewed by one of seven "audiences" with the content being different for each. Also, they required the ability to edit all pages and all audiences themselves.

As we commonly do, we pushed the envelope a bit by successfully placing a tinyMCE editor inside a fancybox jquery "popup" to create an extremely dynamic basic CMS with on-page editing. This method has been attempted many times but it seems nobody has been able to get it to work until now. We will be posting the method as the first post in our upcoming blog!

The website is slated to go live in the coming week after they have a chance to add content and we will add it to our portfolio for you to view shortly thereafter.