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New Website Launched

By Joshua Park
Jul 16th, 2010

As of this evening, we have officially launched the new version of our website at www.solacedev.com. The new website brings with it not only better visuals but a large number of interaction features and tons more information. Some of the new sections are:

Extended Contact Us Page
We now offer multiple ways to get in touch with us. We have provided email addresses and phone numbers for all of the primary sections of our business so that our customers and prospective customers can speak directly with whomever they need.

Updated Portfolio
Our portfolio now lets the viewer see our most recent projects, designs, and products. You can also view more details of the portfolio entry or, if it is a website, view the current live version.

Descriptions of Services
Solace Development Group covers a lot of ground in the software industry: from mobile applications to large-scale computing, to websites. See just what we can do on our solutions pages.

Get support for any issues, ask questions, or just say hi. The forum is the place for discussing Solace products and services.

News, Twitter, and Facebook
Solace Development Group is on Twitter and Facebook! Our new website integrates with Twitter to provide you with our latest tweets. Check us out on Facebook as well to be part of the Solace Community.