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We are pleased to announce that we are working on an application for the Android mobile phone platform! More details will be released during development, so stay tuned!

Search Engine Optimization

Among the hardest parts of starting a new website is getting the word out. At Solace Development Group, we have a long history of helping companies get noticed. Our basic search engine optimization campaign package begins with submitting your website to all of the major search engines and includes services such as analyzing your website for keyword optimization and spidering ability. We also include services such as producing a sitemap (for search engine crawlers), Google Adwords and Google Analytics.

Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts will also daily monitor and tweak your keywords and Google Adwords settings during a research period to make sure you get the most possible traffic based on your budget.

Consistently, Solace Development Group-advertised companies appear on the front page of Google search results and Solace Development Group-designed ads draw an "excellent" (as rated by Google) click-through rate. All of this means that our SEO marketing plan simply works. It even comes at a lower price than a Yellow Pages ad.

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