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Solace Privacy Policy

All Uses

  • The data we collect on users depends greatly on the user's relationship with us. We will, however, never sell, trade, or share this data to any third party without your permission.

Unregistered Website Users

  • Solace Development Group uses Google Analytics to analyze traffic to and through our website. This information does NOT include personally-identifiable information although it does include:
    • The name of the domain from which you access the Internet (your service provider).
    • The date and time you accessed our site.
    • The Internet address of the website you used to link directly to our site.
    • Some information about the hardware and software you used to access our site (browser and operating system details).
  • We only use website traffic data internally to help enhance our services and for statistical purposes.
  • We do not gather nor attempt to gather personally-identifiable information from normal website visitors.

Registered Website Users

  • Upon registering, you are required to privide a username and valid email address and your account cannot be activated without one.
  • This username and its associated representations are the only identifiable information Solace Development Group associates with you during your normal access of the website.
  • This email address is only used for confirming your account, forum or blog subscription services (if applicable), and, if you choose to receive it, a newsletter.
  • This email address will never be shared with anyone outside of Solace Devlopment Group and will never be displayed on the website by any member of Solace Development Group on any publicly-available page.
  • This email address will be displayed on your user profile to allow you to edit it. This profile is only viewable by Solace Development Group staff and you unless you choose to change these settings.
  • You have the option to disclose other identifiable information via our website. You do so by your own volition and at your own risk.
  • Other users have the ability to share your identifiable information via our website. If you wish this to be removed, please contact us at support@solacedev.com and we will remove it as quickly as possible.


  • Solace Development Group does collect and maintain necessary data on our customers.
  • Some Customer data is shown upon completion of the project in our portfolio. This data may include company name, location, type of business, owner's name(s), website address, company email address, and a descripton of our work for the customer among others.
  • Customers have the right to request that certain information not be displayed on our portfolio and We have the obligation to not publish that information or to remove it.
  • Customer data, other than those listed above, are not shown on publicly-available pages.